The Vaccine and the Mark of the Beast

My inbox overflows with the same question from dozens of readers - Is the vaccine the mark of the Beast?  Not long ago, I used this column to answer some of the more common questions I receive. The "Is the vaccine the mark" question was briefly addressed at that time; however, mail with the question … Continue reading The Vaccine and the Mark of the Beast


In the days before the "No weapons on school property" policy, you could travel to any High School in the county where I live and see quite a few gun racks in the rear windows of pick-up trucks. A high percentage of those gun racks held either a shotgun or rifle. In many areas of … Continue reading Lukewarmness

Does Afghanistan Open The Doors To Biblical Prophecy?

Here are a few facts about Afghanistan. There is no specific Biblical reference to Afghanistan or the Pashtuns (the name of the people of the Afghan area during Biblical times). Afghanistan has spent 30 of the last 42 years fighting the two most powerful armies on earth. Both wars ended in humiliation for the big … Continue reading Does Afghanistan Open The Doors To Biblical Prophecy?

Is It Right Or Is It Wrong?

When I was a kid, right and wrong were pretty much straightforward. It does not appear that way anymore. In the movie "Time Changer," there is a scene where a man buys a hot dog from a vendor. He walks over to a bench, sets the hot dog down, and becomes occupied with the other … Continue reading Is It Right Or Is It Wrong?

The Founding Fathers And America Today

Throughout generations, things change. For example, some of the social graces practically no longer exist, such as standing when a woman enters a room or a man removing headgear while inside. Just two small examples of change over the years. During the recent Fourth of July celebrations, a thought came to mind - what would … Continue reading The Founding Fathers And America Today

Our Love For God

"I love Jesus!" is a statement often uttered, but is it true? To answer that question, I reckon the first thing to do is to define love. What is love? The Bible gives us the definition of love in its most famous verse, John 3:16, "For God so loved the world, that he gave..." Love … Continue reading Our Love For God

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Last Thursday, Indiana experienced an earthquake. I have lived in Indiana for almost forty years, and this is only the second earth shaking I have felt here. Decades ago, I lived in California for three years and experienced multiple quakes, including one measuring 6.1. The shakeup Thursday was only a 3.8, but the epicenter was … Continue reading Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Seventy Weeks

Benjamin Netanyahu was replaced as Israeli Prime Minister by Naftali Bennett yesterday. We will need to wait to see if the move causes any significant changes in Israel, the Middle East, or the world. We Americans, including the American church, tend to think the world revolves around us. The truth is - it does not. … Continue reading Seventy Weeks


Throughout Christianity today, there is a growing problem of Bible ignorance. Often in letters from Civil War soldiers, you will read some incredible insight into the Scriptures. The average person of the 1860s had a theological knowledge that outshines many ministers today. Moving forward to the twenty-first century, I have written columns pleading with Christians … Continue reading Study

Itching Ears And The Power Of God

The goal of this week's column is twofold. One, to convince preachers to preach something more than fuzzy-wuzzy, "God loves you sermons." Two, to prevail upon people to attend churches that preach the truth and stomps on your toes from time to time. The Bible speaks of a time when congregations will have "itching ears" … Continue reading Itching Ears And The Power Of God