Easter Is Over; Now What?

 After every significant event, there comes the moment when someone has that "Whew! It's over!" moment. With Christmas, it comes late that night or the morning of December 26th. After a young child's birthday party, it happens as the parents sit on the couch and look at the gift wrap and new toys scattered around.  … Continue reading Easter Is Over; Now What?

Mass Shootings & The Church’s Influence

Since the Colorado shooting last week, arguments about what to do to stop the carnage have reached a fever pitch.  There are many opinions out there. The government should spend more money on treating mental disorders, take guns off the streets is the most touted. Please allow me my two cents.  Years ago, a cardiologist … Continue reading Mass Shootings & The Church’s Influence

Bible Bloodbath

King Solomon built the first Jewish Temple. When completed, a dedication ceremony took place. At the ceremony, the Hebrews made sacrifices. The Bible tells us, "the people offered sacrifices before the LORD" and that "king Solomon offered a sacrifice..." (2 Chronicles 7:4-5). The Bible does not tell us how many people came with a sacrifice. … Continue reading Bible Bloodbath

God Is Not In The Repair Business

As a child, once a year, we would visit my aunt. In a prominent place in her living room was a vase. The vase had roses painted on it. It also had two cracks running up the side. Every visit, she would warm me to be careful. My cousin broke it years ago, my aunt … Continue reading God Is Not In The Repair Business

Lessons From Hogan, Klink, And Schultz

One day when we lived in Germany, I had reason to talk to our landlord. Standing outside his door, I could hear him laughing hysterically inside. Not wanting to break up a funny moment, I waited a minute or two before knocking. The laughter never stopped; I eventually knocked anyway. He was still laughing when … Continue reading Lessons From Hogan, Klink, And Schultz

Syria Is Back In The News

The United States bombed Syria. Opinions are flying around on if we should have or should not have. Still, regardless of personal viewpoint, it is now history, and history marches on.  God knows when the civil war in Syria will end and how the geopolitical map will look once all the smoke clears. Will Russia … Continue reading Syria Is Back In The News

Individuals, Religion, and Politics

Individuals, Religion, And Politics. Can anyone keep their religion out of their politics? The answer lies in how much they adhere to their religion. Every religion has sacred writings. Christianity has the Bible, Islam has the Quran, Buddhists have The Sutras, and so on.  Since these texts are considered sacred by the people following these … Continue reading Individuals, Religion, and Politics

Heart, Mind, And Soul.

Jesus had a way of having the last word. A good example is when the scribes and Pharisees brought to Jesus the woman "taken in adultery." After He said, "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her" (John 8:7), all the woman's accusers left. There was nothing more … Continue reading Heart, Mind, And Soul.

Why Satan Wants To Rip You To Pieces.

All around us, there is a spiritual battle raging. Demons and angels are seen occasionally, but they are present, almost constantly. Before we go further with this thought, let me clarify something. When we do something bad, it is not Satan's fault. He or a demon may nudge us in the wrong direction, but we … Continue reading Why Satan Wants To Rip You To Pieces.