Would You Believe If You Saw A Miracle?

Would you "believe if you saw a miracle? The answer is "no," unless you would have believed God's Word in the first place. Jesus tells the story of a rich man and a beggar named Lazarus. Lazarus hangs around the rich man's house, usually laying by the front gate. The beggar develops sores on his … Continue reading Would You Believe If You Saw A Miracle?

Why Are We Surprised?

"The Equalizer" was a TV show from the 1980s. A brief premise is that a former secret agent used strong-arm tactics to help those who could not help themselves. Often in the show, the main character would say, "There are no surprises." The point being, he was prepared for anything that might come his way. … Continue reading Why Are We Surprised?

Christian Growth, Satan, and Sunday Mornings

If you are a Christian, Satan will use every means possible to make you ineffective. There are millions of people who will not listen to the Scriptures because a Christian or a group of Christians has done something unchristlike. Satan can convince a believer to act sinfully, and therefore tarnish their testimony for Christ. The … Continue reading Christian Growth, Satan, and Sunday Mornings

We Matured Faster, But They Grow Up Quicker.

When people my age (I am 60) look at the differences between now and "back in the day," technology tops the list. Today everyone is walking around with a phone in their pocket. When I was a kid, we knew of one person, a doctor, who had a phone in his car. I remember getting … Continue reading We Matured Faster, But They Grow Up Quicker.


Hebrews, chapter eleven, is commonly known as "the faith chapter." The chapter gives a summary of the acts of faith exhibited by some of the Bible's great characters - Noah, Abraham, Moses, and others. Toward the end of the chapter, it starts talking about believers in general. Hebrews 11:36-38, "And others had trial of cruel mockings and … Continue reading Faithful?

What Is Love?

"I love you" are words that seem to be said, either too often or far too little. I know people where it seems, "I love you" is interchangeable with "hello" and "good-bye." On the other end of the spectrum are people who, if they said, "I love you," smelling salts would be needed for the … Continue reading What Is Love?

God Has A Plan

When rotten things happen in life; God does have a plan. In John chapter eleven, there is the account of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. For some background, this is how the story goes. Lazarus, a man from the town of Bethany, is sick. Lazarus lives with his two sisters Mary and Martha. The … Continue reading God Has A Plan