Seventy Weeks

Benjamin Netanyahu was replaced as Israeli Prime Minister by Naftali Bennett yesterday. We will need to wait to see if the move causes any significant changes in Israel, the Middle East, or the world. We Americans, including the American church, tend to think the world revolves around us. The truth is - it does not. … Continue reading Seventy Weeks


Throughout Christianity today, there is a growing problem of Bible ignorance. Often in letters from Civil War soldiers, you will read some incredible insight into the Scriptures. The average person of the 1860s had a theological knowledge that outshines many ministers today. Moving forward to the twenty-first century, I have written columns pleading with Christians … Continue reading Study

Itching Ears And The Power Of God

The goal of this week's column is twofold. One, to convince preachers to preach something more than fuzzy-wuzzy, "God loves you sermons." Two, to prevail upon people to attend churches that preach the truth and stomps on your toes from time to time. The Bible speaks of a time when congregations will have "itching ears" … Continue reading Itching Ears And The Power Of God

Look Ya Lost…

The stuff my parents told me. One thing I heard more than once was - "Look ya lost. You'll need to practice more and try harder next time." I cannot be thankful enough for hearing those words with nearly every defeat growing up. However, some parents today would look at those first three words and … Continue reading Look Ya Lost…

Is Psalm 83 Near?

The Bible is full of prophecy, much of it, still unfulfilled. The most talked-about future events in the Bible are the rapture, the tribulation period, and the second coming of Christ. The signs of the second coming are also a hot topic of discussion. Yet, there is one prophecy that rarely gets noticed - the … Continue reading Is Psalm 83 Near?

America’s Fall

There are many parallels between the United States today and Israel in the time of Jeremiah the prophet. Both nations were heavy into sin, and the sins are similar. Israel turned to idolatry. Yes, indeed, you do not see many Americans bowing to golden idols, but we do have our gods. Anything that takes first … Continue reading America’s Fall

Momma’s Day Is Coming!

Mother's Day is upon us, and it is a shame that many think the woman's Biblical role gives the picture of a caveman with a club dragging his woman back to the cave.  The Bible speaks of the honor that a woman shall receive from cover to cover. However, many think the Biblical mandates for … Continue reading Momma’s Day Is Coming!

A Day That Changed My Eternity.

This column looks at Christian living and occasionally a Christian view of current events. However, this week, I will get much more personal. I recently had a spiritual birthday. Let us go back in time. I was born at a very early age. Okay, that is going back a bit too far. My siblings, Brenda, … Continue reading A Day That Changed My Eternity.

Dad’s Rules

When I was growing up, there was a standing rule in our house - if the teacher punished us at school, dad punished us at home. This rule was no questions asked. I never heard dad say, "I'll go talk to your teacher about this." The teacher was the authority in the classroom, and if … Continue reading Dad’s Rules

We Need Revival

The church needs revival. Before shouting, "Amen!" to that comment, "Oh my!" may be more appropriate. "Amen" to the statement about revival is a stamp of approval, yet it implies that everyone else needs fixing. The "Oh my" indicates that the hearer understands they are also part of the problem. The church and possibly every … Continue reading We Need Revival